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Kayla Doll & Kitty Costume Review by Lisa Barthuly

Tea for Two Storybook
Meet the Kids of Paddywhack Lane Storybook
Stitched Together Classics music CD
Paddywhack Lane, LLC.
9849 Bluestar Drive
Parker, CO 80138

If you're like me, trying to find wholesome, educational, imaginative, fun toys these days, is tough, to say the least. Not anymore!

Meet the children of Paddywhack Lane! Paddywhack Lane, LLC, has put together a line of the sweetest dolls, books, CD's and more for families... all geared toward our younger children.

The Meet the Kids of Paddywhack Lane Storybook starts us off with the Parker Family. They have just moved to Paddywhack Lane, and the children are looking to make new friends in their neighborhood. When their mom makes a trunk full of adorable dress-up costumes to play with and share, making friends becomes a bit easier. This cute paperback storybook is beautifully illustrated, and shares a lesson in making friends.

The Tea for Two Storybook finds sisters Lauren and Courtney not getting along and sharing as they should. Tea for Two is another cute paperback, with the signature adorable illustrations from Paddywhack Lane. Tea for Two teaches how we all should get along, treat one another and learn the lesson that "Nothing is ever so broken that love can't put it back together." 

"Stitched Together Classics" is a compilation of classic songs for children on CD, such as "Farmer in the Dell", "Home on the Range", "Shortnin' Bread", "This Little Light of Mine", "Shoo Fly", and many more! Over 30 songs in arrangements from Jazz to Swing and Cajun to Bluegrass! This will keep the children singing and dancing for hours.

The "Costume Club Kids" of Paddywhack Lane Dolls are incredibly adorable, of the highest quality, and just plain old cute. The dress-up clothes and costumes are interchangeable with all the dolls so they can share their costumes too. I couldn't believe the details in the dolls and their costumes right down to their high-top sneakers and shoelaces! These are modest dolls, with modest dress up clothes that are fun to play with and spark the imagination. As a parent, I love that.

Paddywhack Lane has created toys and products that allow our children to play, imagine, and dream without concern over the content. These wholesome dolls and their fun dress-up costumes will spark hours of play and delightful fun for our children. I like what the folks at Paddywhack Lane say, "It's what you believe inside that makes you, You. The outside's mostly fabrics and stitching."

Product Review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2007