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Answers for New Christians Review by Donna Campos

Robin Khoury
Little Light Press

Answers for New Christians is a combination textbook/coloring book/workbook for children learning about sin, salvation, baptism, and other Bible doctrines. The 72-page, softbound book has fill-in-the-blank activities, puzzles, and coloring sheets that are designed to help explain Christianity to children. There are three characters throughout the book to present the material: Disciple Dan, "Bic" (Baby In Christ), and Mr. Owl. Special pages at the back include a page entitled "Salvation Memories of" and space for notes about a child's baptism and first Lord's Supper. There is space to attach pictures of the child's church, Sunday School teacher, and pastor and space to write prayers for their Christian growth. This workbook is intended for families, churches, and teachers who desire to solidify their children's faith and build confidence in them to trust their salvation. The material follows the beliefs written in the Baptist Faith and Message and was designed by an experienced Sunday School teacher and parent.

The book proceeds through the material in an orderly fashion and is written at a child's level of understanding. It includes a simple test to help parents ensure that a child is fully aware of his or her decision and understands the concept of salvation in Jesus Christ. Subject matter includes creation; the fall; our sinful nature; animal sacrifice and the eventual sacrifice of Christ; Christ's birth, life, death, and resurrection; an individual's personal repentance; the salvation prayer; the Christian church; the permanence of salvation; the pain of sin; growth in Christ; the Bible; the symbolism of baptism; personal quiet time; church involvement; and the Lord's Supper--all within a book that is no larger than your average coloring book. Each doctrinal point has a corresponding coloring page, and the pictures are broad-lined for ease of coloring. Scripture verses (from the New International Version) are placed throughout the book to reinforce the concepts and offer a biblical basis for each belief. The book is recommended for children four to twelve years old. The website suggests that an adult read the material aloud to the child as the child colors, but older children could certainly read the book on their own while completing the activities.

Answers for New Christians is a blessing however you choose to look at it. The simple, straightforward writing offered sound doctrine on a level our eight-year-old could understand. We were surprised at the explicit description of animal sacrifice and the shedding of blood, but we were pleased that it led our son straight to the sacrifice of Christ. The reality of sin causing death is clear to a child when tied to the death of an animal. The book clarifies the difficult-to-understand idea of sacrifice and Christ taking the place as a sacrificial lamb. Our family enjoyed the activities and will treasure the keepsake pages included in the back of the book. The "test" was an education for us, as parents, to hear our son explain various doctrinal concepts in his own words. The explanation of the Bible was a particular blessing; the author relates it to a library of books in one big book and even takes the time to reference the prophecies Christ fulfilled. This book is also a wonderful tool for older children to read aloud to younger ones. Doing so will lock in facts, refresh memories, and encourage a loving Christian family.

There is really very little to complain about with this book. We thought children might have enjoyed learning more about Christ as a child. (The topic is simply summed up with the phrase "After Jesus grew up.") Also, the binding might not wear very well with extensive coloring and handling in the long term. So far, our copy has held up admirably. If wear ever becomes an issue, we'll simply cut out the keepsake pages and place them in a Memory Album for our son.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and have been hard pressed to find anything comparable to expose a child to Biblical doctrine. The simplicity of Answers for New Christians is ideal answers for teaching the truths of salvation to children.

Product review by: Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2007.