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My Word Magnets "Kid's Edition Bundle" & "Super Safety Board" Review by Lisa Barthuly

Kidtronic, LLC
33 Farragut Ave
Medford, MA 02155

Is it a game? Is it an educational tool? Is it just plain fun? How about all of the above!? My Word Magnets are a unique, fun, learning tool!

We start out by going to the company website, picking out the kit we want and choosing some of our own words we would like to come with our kit! After choosing "Yeshua," "Israel," "pioneer," a few family names, and some admirable character qualities for our special words, we were on our way!

My Word Magnets then takes our special words and prints them up for us to include in our custom-made kit along with 380+ others! The magnets come color coded: red (verbs), green (adjectives), blue (nouns), and orange (others). It includes many sight words, such as: "get," "run," "jump," "with," "look," "sun," and "ball." Includes fun words like: "dinosaur," "castle," "monkey," "kiss," "pizza," "rainbow," "laugh," "cookie" and "magic." Also contains two sets of numbers (0-9), word fragments, punctuation, and math symbols. The word magnets are approximately half an inch high, width varies on the length of the word, and are 1mm thick. The words are printed in black type (other than the color coded ones), on a white back ground, and come with their own lockable sturdy storage container (6" x 4" x 1.3"). This makes for easy clean up and safe keeping.

My Word Magnets is a great educational tool, but also a great educational toy too. I just love those products that teach, when the children are just having fun, and don't really realize they are learning. This is just such a product! Our children have had a ball with these magnets. (Just make sure they stay away from the wee ones in the house as they have very small pieces that could pose a choking hazard.)

My Word Magnets comes with an informative little instruction booklet that shares a variety of information, along with ideas for playing games together, that are interesting, challenging and engaging (all the while teaching too!) We'd definitely recommend My Word Magnets as a great addition to our home teaching/learning environment, and would recommend it as a much loved gift too.

-Product Review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2007