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Historical Thanksgiving Cookery / Historical Christmas Cookery Review by Amy Christy

Part of the Pelton Historical Cookbook Series by Robert W. Pelton
Robert W. Pelton
Infinity Publishing
1094 New DeHaven St., Suite 100
West Conshohocken, PA 19428
877-BUYBOOK (Toll-free)

The holiday season is such a special time filled with food, friends, and family. We get out our beautiful table settings and get to work in the kitchen using those cherished recipes that have been passed down through the generations. This year, I will be adding recipes that have come from families who helped to shape our nation. Thanks to countless hours of research by Robert W. Pelton, we have the privilege of recreating the same wonderful foods that were prepared for people like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Stonewall Jackson, Abe Lincoln, and Thomas Paine.

Beginning with the history of the very first Thanksgiving that was observed in 1621, Historical Thanksgiving Cookery introduces us to the delicious dishes that were enjoyed by men and women from the Colonies, the Revolutionary era, and the Civil War period. Your Thanksgiving breakfast may include "Sweet Tater Flapjacks-A Stonewall Jackson Favorite" or perhaps "Webster Family Griddle Cakes-As Eaten by Noah When a Boy." This book contains recipes for chowders and hearty stews, relishes and sauces, puddings and pies, and more. Of course, we mustn't forget the turkey! Perhaps this year, you might try "Roast Turkey with Fruit Stuffing-A Clark Family Favorite." There are some rather unusual choices for those who may desire something other than turkey this Thanksgiving. One that stood out to me was "Opossum and Sweet Taters-As Eaten by John Hunt Morgan." While I'm not quite brave enough for that, I certainly intend to make "Mrs. Lyon's Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie-As Eaten by Nathan as a Boy. "

I'm sure that most would agree that Christmas is their favorite time of the year. This year, plan your menu with historical recipes like "Chestnut Stuffing-The Pearson Family's Best" or "Salt Cured Cider Baked Ham-As Prepared for the Pinckney Family." You can find these and more in Historical Christmas Cookery. This book contains all of our traditional Christmas favorites from breakfasts to desserts, as well as a few surprising dishes! All recipes come from known Christians from the Revolutionary War through the time of the Civil War. They share not only their kitchens but their faith and lives as well.

I have been blessed to be able to review the Robert W. Pelton Historical Cookbook Series, and not once have I been disappointed! As with all of Mr. Pelton's amazing books, each recipe contains a biographical sketch of the person, quotes about his faith, and a photograph. These books are not just cookbooks but are history books as well. They will delight anyone who loves the history of our great nation.

Product review by Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2007