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Soldier Fritz and the Enemies He Fought Review by Kate and Abigail Kessler

Emma Leslie
Salem Ridge Press

As the author of over 100 books, Emma Leslie had the ability to create vivid stories set in various time periods. In Soldier Fritz and the Enemies He Fought, she introduces us to Fritz, a boy of fourteen. Fritz, along with his father and mother, Count Eric and Countess Elizabeth, live in tumultuous medieval reformation Germany in the year 1523.

When the peddler, Old Carl, arrives, he brings goods to sell and tales to tell. He pays a visit to the Castle of Thorn and not only does he bring beads and cloth, but he brings "a sword" as well! It is, however, one that can only be used by "kneeling down." Young Fritz is curious to know how this can be done. When the peddler shares about Dr. Martin Luther and reads the countess and her son stories from the Holy Scriptures, Fritz chooses the Bible as his birthday present. (For "the sword" is really the Bible.) Count Eric arrives after the visit from Old Carl for his winter leave from the army.

Their new faith opens up new difficulties for the whole family as they lives in an area dominated by the Catholic Bishop Anselm. Though they try to hide their new faith, the bishop discovers their secret. When Count Eric goes back to war, his family is forced to flee into the forest and live with charcoal-burners, or face the consequences of believing the truth.

Emma Dixon (pen name, Emma Leslie) was a prolific Victorian children's author. Her novels inspire all to draw closer to God, learn about Him and His phenomenal miracles, and to stand firmly for what we believe in.

-Product review by Kate and Abigail Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2007