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The Calculus 1 & 2 Tutor (DVDs) Review by Tamara Dumont

By Jason Gibson
PO Box 1165
Seabrook, TX, 77586

This well-thought-out program, contained on 2 DVDs, would be a great help to any student. The instructor uses his extensive experience as a tutor to clearly explain the concepts. He works hundreds of examples, with each step fully explained and shown on the board. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the program is that it is not curriculum specific. So if your student is using a particular program and having trouble understanding the concepts, you do not have to change programs! Simply insert Calculus 1 & 2 Tutor, scroll to the concept needed, and watch! The following concepts are covered:

  • What Is a Derivative?
  • The Derivative Defined as a Limit
  • Differentiation Formulas
  • Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
  • The Chain Rule
  • Higher Order Derivatives
  • Related Rates
  • Curve Sketching Using Derivatives
  • Introduction to Integrals
  • Solving Integrals
  • Integration by Substitution
  • Calculating Volume with Integrals
  • Derivatives and Integrals of Exponentials
  • Derivatives of Logarithms
  • Integration By Parts
  • Integration by Trig Substitution
  • Proper Integrals

This program is without bells and whistles; it is just the DVDs. No curriculum or worksheets are used. It simply explains the concept so that the student can continue with the curriculum he or she is already using. This can be quite helpful for the family that doesn't want to switch gears but needs a little help explaining the concepts. 

Product review by Tamara Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2007