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The Mom Walk: Keeping in Step with God's Heart for Motherhood Review by Donna Campos

By Sally Clarkson
Whole Heart Ministries
Whole Heart Ministries
1840 Deercreek Road, Suite 212
Monument, CO 80132
Office: 719.488.4466
Orders: 800.311.2146

The Mom Walk is a nonfiction book written to help guide mothers in their God-given task of motherhood. The 219-page book contains a Prologue, eleven chapters divided into four sections, and an Epilogue. The four sections of the book are titled:

  • P: Walking with Purpose as a Mother
  • A: Walking with Assurance as a Mother
  • T: Walking with Trust as a Mother
  • H: Walking with Heart as a Mother

Each chapter concludes with a written prayer and several "Questions to Ponder." Throughout the book the author shares anecdotal stories about her life as a mother, encouraging insight, and many inspirational ideas to help mothers grow closer to God in a Christ-centered walk. Written by a mother who homeschooled her four children, the book is not necessarily only for homeschool mothers, but for all mothers who long to improve the example they offer their own children.

This book presents the role of mothering as a special gift from God. Sally Clarkson consistently encourages the reader to rely on God's strength in order to prepare their children for Christ-centered lives. She uses frequent Scripture verses to support her statements. The author's "Questions to Ponder" section promotes the use of a journal and brings up truly thought-provoking questions that should improve the reader's walk with God.

I found this book to be very inspirational, obviously written by a mother led by God to help other mothers. Sally Clarkson shares both good and bad moments from her life, reminding us that we are not alone on this often bumpy road. It was comforting to read her stories of imperfection and "failures" and to see how God used the experiences to build her up in a closer walk with Him. I plan to read this book annually, as it has breathed new life into my role as a mother. The questions guided me to my knees in prayer, and the Scripture references regularly guided me to the Word of God, solidifying the thoughts presented in the book and turning them into teaching moments from my heavenly Father.

Considering the many thought-provoking questions and opportunities for self-evaluation, I almost wish this book had been written in more of a devotional format with a month's allowance of daily readings. The eleven chapters are, however, longer than a mere 15-minute devotional reading, and the inclusion of Sally Clarkson's personal experiences are so integral to the book that I am quite happy with the book in this format. The author does have other books available, and in the future I would hope for more devotional-style releases from her. Her ministry, Whole Heart Ministries,, was formed to encourage parents, and it does offer a family devotional guide by the author and her husband, along with other devotional books.

The Mom Walk was very inspirational to me. I found myself delving further into Scripture and evaluating many areas of my life, some of which I would not have easily connected to my role as a mother. Because of the author's openness as a very "normal" mother, I came to feel less alone and ultimately more capable in this God-given task of mothering. This book will be a blessing to mothers and will help build and strengthen our nation's families as mothers who read it improve many aspects of their own lives.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2007