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Money and Making Change (DVD) Review by Amy O'Quinn

Rock 'N Learn
PO Box 3595
Conroe, Texas 77305

Money and Making Change by Rock 'N Learn is a delightfully upbeat and surprisingly comprehensive 57-minute video for ages 6 and up. It is designed to help children develop real-life skills in the area of money. And animated hosts Penny and Bill are definitely rockin' as they introduce 16 cool songs and games that teach coin and bill recognition, counting coins and cash, skip counting, strategies for combining different coins, money in written terms, making change, and even a bit about the history of money.

    The featured songs are:
  1. Meet Penny and Bill
  2. The Coin Song
  3. Counting Pennies
  4. Counting Nickels
  5. Counting Dimes
  6. Counting Quarters
  7. Counting Half Dollars
  8. Dollars and Other Bills
  9. Writing Money
  10. Equivalent Forms
  11. Counting Money
  12. Counting Practice
  13. Count the Coins Game
  14. "Do I Have Enough Money?" Game
  15. Making Change
  16. Penny and Bill Live in Concert

My music-loving 7-year-old daughter has been working with money quite a bit this year, and she really likes this video. The fun format has made it more enjoyable as she sharpens financial skills that she'll need throughout her whole life. And I'm surprised how much she's learned in just a short amount of time. Although actually holding and counting real coins and bills cannot be totally replaced by a video, the songs and games have certainly helped her comprehension of monetary concepts. The concepts are very well explained and covered thoroughly.

Rock 'N Learn has a very user-friendly website, and you can even go online to view a clip from the DVD. The company also produces a wide-range of other videos for math, science, social studies, languages, and more. This particular selection is available in DVD format for $19.99 or VHS format for $14.99.

Overall, I really liked Money and Making Change by Rock 'N Learn, and I think it's a great addition to our collection. We also received Dancing With The Animals (separate review) for ages 3 and up. Based on these two selections, I plan on ordering more of these educational gems for our family-for instruction and for fun!

Product review by Amy O'Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2007