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Preschool Lesson Plans Review by Donna Campos

By Kimberly Joslin
JoeSparty Books

Preschool Lesson Plans is a CD containing 28 themed lesson plans for children between the ages of two and six. The lessons are in PDF format on the CD. The printed product totals 90 pages including all 28 lesson plans, a contents page, and pertinent instructions. Organized by a preschool teacher with a degree in Child Development and more than 12 years of classroom experience, these activities are well tested and have proven to be successful with preschoolers. Each lesson includes three discussion topics, a list of five different books that correspond with the theme, at least one math or cooking lesson, at least three art/craft projects, at least one muscle activity or game, at least one science or sensory activity, and songs or finger plays. In all, the CD provides more than 260 activity ideas, 130 discussion topics, and 175 book suggestions. There is even an email address available in the event that you would like to ask a question about an activity.

Themes include "All About Me," "Circus," "Fairy Tales," "Letters & Numbers," "Music," "Spring," and "Transportation." Holiday themes include options for either traditional or Christian viewpoints. Each activity gives a detailed description of exactly what will be done for the activity and what items will be necessary. You could use the 28 themes on a weekly basis for half of a year, for two weeks at a time to spread over an entire year, or simply whenever you need great preschool activities.

I found this product to be nicely organized and full of great ideas. As a seasoned child care provider myself, I found some of the activities familiar, but many of them were new to me. Even the most experienced parent/teacher can use a "jumpstart" now and then. And all of the activities are easy to implement. The instructions are easy to understand. The fact that the supply lists are given for each individual activity (rather than in a master supply list for a whole theme) was helpful. This allowed us to choose only the activities we wanted to do or those that we currently had supplies for. The vast majority of the activities require items readily available in any home, which was a definite plus. There are no worksheets, coloring sheets, or busy work included (but you could add those in from another source, if you wanted to). Children will enjoy these hands-on, fun-filled activities, and they may not even notice how much they are learning. The themes cover just about every basic preschool skill you would expect in a well-rounded program.

The Preschool Lesson Plans CD will come in handy for those parents who are seeking fresh ideas to keep their child's days busy and productive. The program provides truly educational activities for your children to enjoy with those who love to teach them.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2007