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What Every Girl Should Know: A Study in Love, Life & Faith Review by Christine Field

By Myklin Vinson
Heart of Virtue
PO Box 132
Maize, KS 67101-1032

Do you have a special girl in your life who you seek to mentor in principles of godly womanhood? Are you uncertain of where to start or what to do? Myklin Vinson shares the personal journey she went on to study what it meant to be a virtuous woman. She learned that making it in world means, "knowing the appropriate words to speak at the appropriate time, striving to have a beautiful heart rather than an impressive outward appearance, loving the people in our lives that are the hardest to love, and most importantly, having a right relationship with Jesus Christ."

It is these goals she expands into Six Things Every Girl Should Know. They include: Knowledge that Jesus loves her and has a plan for her life; knowing her Savior better by daily reading of his word, knowing her body belongs to God and striving to be pleasing on the inside and the outside; looking for models of good character; recognizing her talents and abilities and using them to bless others; and knowing that her life is in the Lord's hands and His timing is always perfect.

Six chapters tackle each of these topics. In the first chapter, Myklin shares her testimony and her strong desire that each of her readers have a saving faith, as it is the most important thing in life. In chapter two, she encourages girls to have a daily time in the Word. She shares that she started with a mere five minutes a day in Scripture, and that this practice has blessed her immensely. Chapter three talks about appearances, inside and out, and covers health, hair care, hairstyles, facial shapes, make-up and clothing.

In chapter four, she talks about true friendships, good manners and social graces. The study emphasizes the qualities of Christ's character. Chapter five helps girls to discover their unique talents and gifts, personality types and natural abilities. She also talks about homemaking skills that a girl will need in the future, such as cooking, baking and sewing. In the final chapter, she helps girls to look to the future. She talks about facing hard times, relating to guys and making sure the Lord is the lord of life.

Purchasers of the book also have access to a leader's guide to download from her web site. The guide contains extra teaching ideas for each chapter, including discussion questions, further Scripture study, role-playing ways to witness, sharing ideas for quiet time and much, much more.

This course can be used by mothers, one-on-one, in a personal discipleship study. It can also be used in a group or co-op setting, with one godly woman bringing a group of girls along to womanhood. This is Titus 2 in action! Myklin has given us a gift to share with the important girls in our lives.

-Product Review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, 2006