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Bible StorySongs, Inc. Review by Amy Christy

Bible StorySongs, Inc.
200 N. Cheyenne Court
Irving, Texas 75062

As educators and parents, we know that by singing or making up a rhyme, children can retain knowledge and have fun! This is the goal of the creators of Bible StorySongs.

Starting with the Old Testament in Exodus, Moses Volume 1--The First 80 Years begins with the story of the children of Israel in Egypt. Before each song, its story is briefly introduced, and the Scripture reference is given. The song further elaborates on the story. This CD has an "Egyptian" feel to it and draws you right into that world! We had a lot of fun learning and singing along. It continues through the slavery of the Israelites, the birth of Moses and his rescue, as well as his life in Egypt. This CD ends with Moses leading his people to freedom.

Moses Volume 2--The Last 40 Years begins with the children of Israel in the wilderness. You'll learn songs of their journey and the provisions from God and the delivery of the Ten Commandments. This CD follows the struggles of the children Israel and concludes when they reach the Promised Land.

In Matthew Volume 1, we begin with Matthew 1:1, the genealogy of Jesus. From there, you'll sing of his birth, baptism, and teaching. Volume 2 continues with Matthew chapter 9 and speaks about the disciples, the Parables, the miracles of Jesus, and his return. Tucked in between all of the stories are fun songs that instill good moral virtues for children, such as being responsible for their things and being a cheerful giver.

Many of these songs are original, catchy tunes, but some are familiar favorites, such as "This Old Man" or "When the Saints Go Marching In" that are easy to remember. The website is also a wonderful resource, offering a "song of the day" and samples of their music. There are additional products for purchase in e-book format. They include sheet music for guitar and piano and puzzle pages based on the verses and stories in the songs.

We used the Moses Volume 1 and Matthew Volume 1 e-book bundles as companions to the CDs. We were able to use the piano sheet music, and my younger son loved coloring in his song and color book. The older boys liked working on the crosswords, word scrambles, and puzzles in theirs. I work in the children's ministry at church and plan to incorporate these songs into our program.

Bible StorySongs are a fun way to learn and remember the cherished stories of God's faithfulness and promises to His people. These products would be a nice addition to a homeschool, Sunday School, or any place where you desire to teach the Word of God to children.

Here is the list of Bible StorySongs on CD:

Moses Volume 1-The First 80 Years: Birth to the Crossing of the Red Sea

Moses Volume 2-The Next 40 Years: Fed & Led in the Wilderness

Matthew Volume 1--Jesus Christ is the King: Songs from Matthew 1-8

Matthew Volume 2--I Want to Be Good Ground: Songs from Matthew 9-28

Matthew Volume 1 e-book Bundle

  • Color and Sing Songbook
  • Sheet Music for Piano and Guitar
  • Puzzle Pages

Moses Volume 1 e-book Bundle

  • Color and Sing Songbook
  • Sheet Music for Piano and Guitar
  • Puzzle Pages

 Product review by Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2007