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Raising Children on Purpose Review by Nancy Wagner

Helping Your Children Find their God-Given Calling
By Wesley H. Fleming
Whitaker House
1030 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensington, PA

Wesley H. Fleming is founder and director of Coming Home Ministries, a curriculum and conferencing ministry to parents and Christian educators. He has worked in the field of Christian education for 20 years as a pastor, and he ministers extensively in parent and teacher training. Now lest you think he is another "expert" without children, he has three children and has been married for 18 years, so he does have some experience in this.

This book includes tools to help you assess your child's spiritual gift. This is not something done quickly, however; it takes a great deal of thought. So why do it? To help you find your child's unique way. Will the book tell you what occupation he/she should pursue? Not necessarily, but it will assess your child's gifting and spiritual passion and then determine where they overlap. The next step is to show parents how to encourage the child by helping him/her to develop a healthy capacity to trust and to form a positive impression of God the Father.

I liked the book. It made me focus on a fact I already knew but don't always think about; for better or worse, I am raising my child at times by accident. He is watching, soaking up how I respond to situations and actions. I would like to think that most of the time that is good, but there are times I don't make the grade even with my biased grading scale that allows excuses. This book has given me insights into raising my child according to God's plan for him, and I think it would help you too.

Product review by Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2006