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Feed My Sheep: A Practical Guide to Daily Family Devotions Review by Christine Field

Steve Maxwell

Have you struggled with the idea or practice of family devotions? Be honest. Have you questioned what to do and how to do it? Steve Maxwell (Managers of Their Homes) can sympathize. He felt so strongly that parents need to be encouraged to do devotions that he produced this two-CD set to help us be successful.

On the first CD, he talks about the importance of devotions. It struck me hard when he said that this practice is 99% commitment and only 1% technique. You can tell the depth of your commitment, he says, by how easily the commitment is derailed. How easy it is to skip Bible time when the kids oversleep or we're tired. But our commitment and faithfulness in this area will pay huge rewards: a solid grounding in the Word and a renewed family unity while studying God's word. Mr. Maxwell shares his passion and enthusiasm. You won't look at family devotional time the same again after hearing this!

On the second CD are clips from two of the family's devotions. The father reads and talks, and the children read and talk. It demonstrates how this can be done very naturally and meaningfully in your own home. Basically, the family reads a passage of Scripture, taking turns with verses. The father then leads a brief discussion, asking personal application questions and adding insights to the study.

Family devotions don't have to be complex. We don't need a program or special materials. There is tremendous power in just gathering around the Word and talking about God. This audio set will help you to relax and feel empowered to obey Scripture by bathing your children in God's Word.

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2007