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The Science Jukebox Review by Jessica DeFore

Ellen Henry

The Science Jukebox is an audio CD that covers a range of science topics, such as weather, astronomy, earth science, chemistry, biology, and physics. The lyrics are included on the compact disc jacket and are vital to understanding the songs, especially for the science-challenged.

A homeschool could use The Science Jukebox as a memory tool or as a way to make science fun. The compact disc jacket cover says that it contains "High-content science songs in a variety of musical styles for students of all ages." While I agree that it would be possible for elementary students to listen to The Science Jukebox and even enjoy and memorize the lyrics, I believe this product would be most effective with middle school students and higher because of the scientific terms used. There are two tracks per song, one with the lyrics and one that is just the accompaniment. My husband found the song "The Periodic Table Jump Rope Rhyme" helpful in memorizing the periodic table elements for his college courses.

Other songs on the CD include "The Classification Song," "The DNA Song," "The Wave March," "The Chemical Compounds Song," and "All Energy Comes from the Sun." There are 18 songs in all.

I think The Science Jukebox is great if you're more concerned with the content of the songs and want a tool to help with scientific terms, but the music quality and the voices of the singers were disappointing. Personally, I found the some of the songs downright irritating because of the lack musical ability and poor vocalization. "The Lever Rap Song" is sung as a 1980s rap song, which my children loved. My six-year-old daughter enjoyed listening to The Science Jukebox, but it wasn't requested repeatedly as most of our compact discs are.

The lyrics of the songs are wonderful and very clever, and I might be drawn to purchase this item for that sole reason. However, I would not recommend The Science Jukebox for listening pleasure.

Product review by Jessica DeFore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2007