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Pee-Yew! The Stinkiest, Smelliest Animals, Insects, and Plants on Earth! Review by Kendra Fletcher

By Mike Artell
Good Year Books
PO Box 91858
Tucson, AZ 85752-1858

Most adults aren't going to pick up and read a book called Pee-Yew! The Stinkiest, Smelliest Animals, Insects, and Plants on Earth! But then, that's okay. This book wasn't written for adults. I received this book for review, and my 12-year-old son read it. He left a Post-It note stuck on the cover that read, "A+ + +. Awesome! --Nate". I think I could pretty much end this review right there--kid appoved!

Aside from the fact that the subject matter is automatically appealing to most children, the book is also educational and nicely produced. The book is divided into sections featuring each stinky animal: skunks, porcupines, millipedes, walking sticks, and more. And each section features nicely-done photographs, a kid-friendly format, engaging little cartoons, and website addresses for finding out more information. Children as young as seven or eight will find the book fun and engaging.

All good things being the case, I do have one very little concern about the book. In the first chapter, which deals with human smells and the ability to smell, the author refers to a time when humans lived in caves, but he does not specify how long ago that was. (Nor does he refer to humans as animals.) You might want to take a look at the first chapter before handing the book over to your own children.

But cover your nose! After reading this book, your backyard scientists will be on the prowl for stinky insects, plants, or animals so that they too can declare, "Pee-Yew!"

Product review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2007