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Personality Insights for Moms: D-I-S-Cover Communication Success Review by Christine Field

By Susan Crook
Regency Taylor Publishing
11936 W. 119th, #159
Overland Park, KS 66213

Do you want better communication in your home? Are you ever wondering why your communication is sometimes frustrating and ineffective?

God created individuals with such diversity. We each think, act, respond, plan, and play differently. Bringing all these aspects together in the family is like brewing a personality soup! As parents, we can feel inadequate if we aren't communicating well with these unique individuals who share our home.

There are many theories of personality types. Susan Crook has taken the DISC system and customized it to moms and children. This theory, proposed by Dr. William Marston, sorts people into four basic groups:

D--outgoing, task oriented
I--outgoing, people oriented
S--reserved, people oriented
C--reserved, task oriented

When you learn your own style, you will learn that you may be "wired" differently than your children. Understanding these tendencies will help you to manage conflict and more effectively motivate your children - and maybe even yourself!

I was first introduced to the DISC assessment for use in the business setting. I am so glad that Ms. Crook took the material and adapted it to the home because this knowledge is powerful! It can help us identify the basic needs of each child and ways to meet those needs and channel those energies. It is empowering when a parent recognizes why removing TV privileges will be effective for one child but not for another.

Want a deeper understand of your children? Want to learn how to speak to their hearts? Read this book!

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2007