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Starting a Family Business on eBay (2 CDs) Review by Dr. Heather Allen

Kerry Beck
Moscow, Idaho

Starting a Family Business on eBay is a two-part product. The first audio CD is called Involve Your Children in eBay and Watch Them Become Young Entrepreneurs! The second CD is an audio tutorial called Listing Items on eBay--Free, Quick & Easy! I had just reviewed another audio CD by Kerry Beck (Is eBay Right for You?), so I was eager to move on to this 2-part product. I have to say I was very impressed.

Kerry Beck has dreamed that her children will never have to work a 9 to 5 job, but rather would be able to be entrepreneurs, working for themselves. Granted, they might feel led to be doctors or lawyers or some other profession requiring regular hours. But if not, she prays that they can work from home at their own jobs.

Beck provides a general overview of her background and how she came to be a Power Seller and eBay store owner. She discusses how eBay works, how to get started on eBay, and the power of eBay. She then goes on to cover five secrets to enhance your family's eBay business and tips for teaching your children how to research profitable items. She finishes up her presentation by providing guidance in writing product descriptions that sell, working together as a family, and taking the family eBay business to the next level.

I was very impressed by these two audio CDs. The Biblical foundation was evident, and I really appreciated how her family has joined forces to insure their family business is a success. Both CDs provide a wealth of information, and I was impressed with the practical ways Kerry has incorporated some of the work required for their business (such as writing product descriptions) into her children's school assignments.

You'll definitely want to purchase this product if you're thinking, as I have been, about a foray into the mysterious world of eBay, especially if you want to include your children. I highly recommend Starting a Family Business on eBay.

Product review by Dr. Heather W. Allen, Senior Analytical Consultant, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2007