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Is eBay Right for You? Review by Dr. Heather Allen

Kerry Beck
Curriculum Connection
Moscow, Idaho

I don't know if you're like me. I've heard of eBay. I'm intrigued by eBay. I sometimes think about buying or selling things on eBay, but I have never actually checked out eBay on the Internet. Thus, I might be considered less than knowledgeable about this online marketplace and all that can be done by tapping into it. Who better than I, a confessed eBay ignoramus, to review Kerry Beck's audio CD, Is eBay Right for You?

After listening to this CD for quite a while, I was brave enough to foray into the world of eBay. I was captivated by Beck's easy style, her organization of the basics of eBay, and her conversational approach to providing reasons why eBay is, in fact, right for all of us who'd like to work from our homes, be debt free, and teach our children to learn the ins and outs of an on-line business.

Kerry starts by discussing why someone might want to use eBay, followed by her story of how she and her family became involved with eBay. She then provides general tips for using eBay effectively, and she explains why implementing those tips is advantageous for an individual wishing to sell things via eBay.

In just over 30 minutes, Beck was able to provide an excellent overview of why eBay is right for me. She has intrigued me enough that I want to learn more about her story. Also, as I listened, I knew that I would share this audio CD with my children so they could start thinking about what they could possibly do via a marketplace like eBay.

I was very impressed by Kerry Beck's audio CD, Is eBay Right for You? I was impressed by the Biblical foundation from which she approached the topic. And I was impressed by the amount of information provided on the CD, as evidenced by the copious notes I took while listening. This is definitely a product you'll want to purchase if you're thinking, as I have been, about venturing into the mysterious world of eBay. Even if you're an old eBay pro, I'd bet you would learn some new tricks from Kerry Beck.

Product review by Dr. Heather W. Allen, Senior Analytical Consultant, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2007