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The Best of Living on a Dime: Grocery Savings Review by Leslie Valeska

Jill Cooper & Tawra Kellam
Kellam Media & Publishing, Inc.
Wichita, KS

Jill Cooper and Tawra Kellam have outdone themselves with this e-book. Everyone from the novice to the veteran homemaker can benefit from the wealth of information provided.

These ladies cover so much with regards to the concept of saving money on food. They cover topics such as coupons, eating out, time savers, freezing, grocery planning, evaluating where you shop, bargain groceries, 30 minute meals (this was an eye opener), food budgeting, vacations, and general shopping tips. I have been at this for 16 years, and I not only learned new things, but I was reminded of old practices that had been forgotten or overlooked over the years. I especially enjoy the little quips and facts they place in their books.

If you are looking to cut back on your food budget, this is an excellent resource. It is inexpensive ($6.95). You have probably thrown out that much food this month! So, use your food and spend the money on this e-book, and you will not regret it. One tip the ladies gave that I had never thought of was not shopping when you are tired. I never shop when hungry, but it never occurred to me to look at my energy level in relation to my shopping habits. The moment I read this, I began thinking about my shopping habits and knew instantly that I could cut my food bill simply by not shopping when fatigued. Another excellent portion of this e-book is dedicated to beverages. I will not go into detail, but this is information that should not be missed by anyone!

One aspect of grocery shopping that is not covered is health-conscious shopping. The authors talk about shopping for items in discount stores such as Save-A-Lot and Aldi. However, it has been my experience that these stores carry food items that are filled with chemicals and preservatives that I try to avoid when possible. There are frugal ways to keep your food budget down and still purchase healthful foods for your family. I am hopeful that this may be the focus of a future e-book from Living on a Dime.

Another idea that could have been covered is shopping at bulk/whole food stores. However, I'm sure that Jill and Tawra are trying to appeal to as many readers as they can. It's possible that they chose not to include this topic because these stores are not widely available in all parts of the country.

Jill and Tawra have continued with their simple and concise formula for this e-book. You will not feel overwhelmed or confused. Take the information, adapt it for your family, and watch your food budget diminish!

Product review by Leslie Valeska, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, March 2007