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The Littledoobiddles and Doobetterdees Review by Christine Field and Jenefer Igarashi

By Mike Daniel ("Uncle Mike")
The Doobetter Company
PO Box 93826
Lubbock, TX 79493-3826

"Please notify me when and where the next books are available ... as much as I enjoy the first book, reading it EVERY night is becoming tiresome." -- Note from a Doobetter fan. The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine concurs.

"The author’s wish is to give others reasons to succeed, not excuses to fail." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Michael Daniel is a motivational storyteller from Texas. He has been called the next Dr. Seuss and after reading this delightful book, I can understand why! The book explores the residents of two towns, Doobetter Hill and Littledooville. The residents of the latter are lazy, bored, and unmotivated. They eat junk food and don’t take responsibility for their own actions. On Doobetter Hill, the Doobetterdees are happy, pleasant, and caring. They are also hard working, healthy, and thankful to God every day. This charming tale gives children a delightful picture of the value of a positive attitude and lifestyle. The author’s wish is to give others reasons to succeed, not excuses to fail. Your children will love this wonderful tale.

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhoues® Magazine

Here’s another The Littledoobiddles and Doobetterdees review!

Have a Doobetter Day!
I was feeling real gloomy one particular day
The curtains were drawn and the sky was all gray
My kids were so whiny with nothing to do
We all had a touch of the "Laziness-Flu"
But then, in the corner, I spotted a book
So vibrant and cheery, it gleamed from its nook
So I called for my children and they all gathered 'round
And when I opened its pages, there wasn't a sound
The pictures were shining with colorful visions
Of two groups of people who made some decisions….
The Littledoobiddles were lazy and sour
But the Doobetterdees persisted for hours
In all that they did, they gave their best efforts
While the Littledoobiddles were “laziness experts”
And a fanciful story was woven in rhyme
My children all listened; not one of them whined
Each one sat up taller and tried not to fiddle
And were "Doobetterdees”, not those "Littledoobiddles"
What a charming, sweet story we all read together
Full of good morals that made us do better
If you need a refresher, or if morals are sloppy
Go to to get your own copy!

-- Poem by Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, after initial review of book given by The Old Schoolhouse® publishers

Publishers' note: You and your children are SURE to love this darling story. Jenefer Igarashi just had to write a poem because we loved it so much! This is a lovely book with very high quality illustrations and a wonderful, godly message. What would your child rather be - sweet and good, or icky? The answer is so simple, even a child can figure it out! Included in the story are Doobetterdees, who love each other, love the Lord, and love to do what's right. Littledoobiddles are BAD little creatures who whine, fight, don't work (wait until you see the yucky wife and lazy dad) and obviously are into SELF. The book includes the word "jerk," to which some parents may object (Paul cracked up at the use, however - the Littledoobiddle was quite a stinker!). Notwithstanding, the use of the word contextually is aimed at a Littledoobiddle who was very unkind and lazy (bratty), and although some parents don't allow the word to be used in their homes, please note that it was not used offensively at all - this is just a "heads up" if you feel strongly about that word in general.

With a Dr. Seuss feel, this is certainly a family classic that will be read time and time again for generations. Our own children have read it with us and each other several times. Michael Daniel is the most down to earth author we have ever met, and that is an understatement. No one loves Jesus like this man does. We at TOS (and everyone we seem to introduce him to) find him to be extraordinary and consider him a true friend. A speaker who has been so sought after that at one time a state governor was BUMPED from a conference schedule to make room for him, Mike is a gifted storyteller, humorous character, and godly man. Full of quick wit, yet sensitive to the needs of everyone he comes into contact with, Mike has made a splash in the homeschool world with this book. Illustrator Chad Haney should be commended for his vibrant work as well! Nicely done, Doobetters! May we all seek to be Doobetters for the sake of the Gospel!

-- Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, Paul and Gena Suarez, Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine