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The Little Green Frog And Other Poems Review by Ryann Igarashi

By Joan Barsotti

What a great book! The Little Green Frog And Other Poems is a book filled with fun poems about animals and nature. The author based it on the creatures found in her own backyard and my family liked learning about them while laughing at children were anxious to start reading it, and thoroughly enjoyed each page. Short poems include The Little Green Frog, Squirmy Wriggly Worms, Funny Little Quail (this one is a fun tongue twister!), The Owl, Busy Woodpecker, The Snake, The Skunk, and many more. Playful illustrations add to the fun. This quickly became a family favorite amongst us all. Right around 30 pages long, the poems are perfect for an afternoon reading. Written for ages 5-10 but entertaining for all ages. Other fun books by Barsotti Books include Mike and Nick and The Pumpkin Patch, Nana Gets a Cat, Christopher and Grandma on Safari, and Grandmother's Bell and the Wagon Train 1849.

-- Product Review by: Coie Igarashi, age 15, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

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This is a very funny book. I think a lot of children would enjoy it. The poems are full of nature—some of it is found in my own backyard! The pictures are very colorful and that makes it even better. My brother Bobo says, “I liked this book because there were things that made me laugh.” Even the very short poems are funny!

-- Product Review by: Ryann Igarashi, age 10, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine