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Digital Disaster Review by Nancy Wagner

By Robert Elmer
WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House
2375 Telstar Dr, Suite 160
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

I read this book almost immediately after I received it. It is the first book in a Christian fiction series for ages 9-12 that takes place in the Internet--yes, literally in the Internet. Austin and Ashley are normal 12-year-old kids living in Normal, Illinois. Austin rigs up a digital camera to his computer so they can take a photo of their aunt's pedigree dog and put it straight on the Internet. But then the dog disappears and they see him on the monitor, so they have to go find him. They chase the dog from site to site inside the Internet by stepping on a link that only shows up when they step on it--a very amusing scenario.

However, the humor subsides when they happen upon a mysterious lady with a little mechanical device in her hand. As they are observing the band playing a hymn on the sinking Titanic, the mysterious lady pushes her button. Suddenly, the band is being "rewound." Then, with a little more button pushing, the band starts playing a jazzy song instead, and the lady then links away. That's where things get even crazier as Austin and Ashley realize she is trying to change history and erase Christian influence. They have to stop her!

Digital Disaster is a wonderful book. My son was anxiously waiting for me to finish so that he could read it, and he is similarly pleased. My only disappointment is that the story line is continued in the next book, and we don't have that book yet--groan. So if you buy this book, you might want to go ahead and buy the next one in the series as well.

Product review by Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2007