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Juliette Low: Girl Scout Founder Review by Reneé Ruby

By Helen Boyd Higgins
Young Patriots Series
Patria Press, Inc

Originally published in 1951 in the "Childhood of Famous Americans Series," this creative, insightful tale based on the childhood of Juliette Low was a real pleasure to read! The tale begins during the War Between the States, which my six-year-old daughter and I just covered in our own history lessons! Juliette, nicknamed Daisy, and her family flee the Yankees, and she learns many great lessons and makes new friends along the way! It was lots of fun following this rebellious, strong-willed, and curious young lady along in her adventures that lead her to be a great icon in our nation's history. You get to experience her saving a kitten's life, learning what a cake (yes, a real cake) is, piercing her ears for the first time, and riding wild horses! A real coming of age story appropriate for ages six to nine.

Our only disappointment was the reference of a talisman - magic and fairies used to bring good luck. It does take up considerable print towards the end of the book, so if you are very much against such things you may want to take that into consideration. Besides that, the book was sweetly written with light humor sprinkled throughout! We read the whole thing in one sitting! We loved it! The final chapter describes how Juliette gets the idea for and instigates the establishment of the Girl Guides, better known as the Girl Scouts! We look forward to reading more of these! Other volumes include:Amelia Earhart,Young Air Pioneer; William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe; Lew Wallace, Boy Writer and James Whitcomb Riley, Young Poet.

-- Product Review by Renee' Ruby, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine