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Biology 101: Biology According to the Days of Creation Review by Donna Campos

By Wes Olson
Westfield Studios
PO Box 924
Kamiah, ID 83536

Biology 101: Biology According to the Days of Creation is a four-and-a-half-hour DVD course for Christian high school students. The set includes the four DVDs along with a PDF found on the fourth DVD that includes a guidebook, quizzes, answers to the quizzes, as well as a PDF accreditation booklet that outlines a 27-week program of optional supplemental activities (for a total of 135 hours of coursework). Topics include plants, aquatic creatures, birds, land animals, mankind, and genetics. This series blends together biblical references, scientific facts, and historical evidences to present God's wonderful creation of life.

The Biology 101 course is very flexible. Though intended for high schoolers, the information is certainly presentable to younger students. You may choose to simply follow the course as it is, completing a quiz after each topic, or you can add worksheet or research activities as you see fit. The accreditation booklet is obviously a wonderful resource for supplemental material. Even if you choose not to complete the entire outline in the booklet, you can select specific activities. The guidebook includes many interesting facts, stories, and bits of trivia that can certainly pique a student's interest and lead to more in-depth research.

This course will certainly hold the attention of the viewer. After viewing the section on plants, my high school daughter eagerly requested the next DVD and even began reading plant life books on her own time! The DVDs are very well done, incorporating beautiful scenery, consistent narration, and background music.

Being a worksheet kind of person, I would like to have seen some simple fill-in-the-blank pages included. Drawings and diagrams for the student to label would be helpful. I also wish the guidebook could be purchased separately.

My family really enjoyed Biology 101. The course is very complete and offers more than enough information for a high school level biology course. I eagerly await additional courses from Westfield Studios as they have proven to our family that they do excellent work while standing firm on the Word of God.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006