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World History Made Simple: Matching History with the Bible Review by Christine Field

Ruth Beechick
Mott Media
1130 Fenway Circle
Fenton, MI 48430

The beloved Ruth Beechick is well known to homeschoolers. Her indispensable advice has carried many of us through rocky homeschool waters. This latest title will be a valuable contribution to history study, no matter what approach you use.

Have you read history books that felt like they contained Bible "stories" as an afterthought? This book gives us the Bible facts as the main thought and uses Biblical history as the peg on which to tie all the rest of world history. It fills in common gaps in many history books, such as what happened between the flood and the building of the Tower of Babel. It gives an explanation for the formation of the geographical "Great Rift" running from the Middle East through Africa. A substantial portion at the end of the book is devoted to history dating and gives our students a good perspective on why there is so much disagreement as to the timing of history and gives them ammunition to defend the biblical account.

This can be a survey course for older students or can be used as a spine or complement to a more in-depth study. It authoritatively addresses some topics that other history books cannot solve. With this biblical worldview training, your students will be able to form learned opinions about today's political issues.

This is a short book, with much of the text being the reading of Scripture itself. There are 42 subsections, in which students are encouraged to keep a notebook, write statements about what they read, and compose a timeline. Alternatively, the book can just be read straight through to give your student a sweep through world history.

Ruth Beechick is a name we can trust. With this book, she has given us another gem to use to provide our children with a solid foundation.

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006