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Typingmaster Pro: Touch Typing for Windows Review by Christine Field


I learned to type in the dark ages of typing instruction. We had dreary comb-bound instruction books printed in black and white. It was drill and kill--and keep the correction fluid nearby!

Today, our students have fun learning the keyboard and its amazing capabilities for speed and accuracy. This software product, Typingmaster Pro, is the most innovative teaching program I have seen in this area.

The creators refer to the program's features as Optimal Learning. The program assesses your needs and adjusts accordingly. The first feature is that of optimized duration. It monitors your progress. If you are fast and fluent, the drill can be completed in less time. Alternatively, if you need more practice, it adjusts the practice time accordingly. It literally addresses your weaknesses and prescribes the instruction.

Another feature is that of smart review. If certain keys are problematic, it gives specially tailored review exercises to strengthen them. This program is respectful of the learner's time. I really appreciate that. It is so focused and individualized that you will see a great improvement of your skills in a short period of time.

Typing tests are a part of the program to regularly assess and track your progress. There are also games that I found enjoyable and fun! Designed for ages 12 to adult, the student can work independently. A younger child would require greater supervision. If your junior or high school student has not yet mastered typing skills, this program will give you the greatest return for your investment.

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006