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Grandmother's Hope Chest: The Running Rooster Review by Gena Suarez and 2 others

By: Rebekah Wilson
Hope Chest Legacy
PO Box 1398
Littlerock, CA 93543

As the Publisher of the largest homeschooling magazine on the market, a great number of products land on my desk for review. Some are high tech with snazzy packaging and shiny gloss. Others are "home-made" in appearance with a cozy feel. Some are extremely beneficial to a homeschooling family; others are more "flash" than anything else.

When I received Rebekah Wilson's beautiful hand-sewing kits and The Running Rooster book, I actually -- honestly -- ended up with goose bumps. Not only that, I got snazzy packaging with a cozy, yet highly professional product. The book is beautiful -- hard back, color, gorgeous. The hand-sewing kits that accompany it are wonderful, and complete! My daughter and young niece will work on these projects tomorrow night with my oldest niece, Coie.

I think though, what gave me the best feeling about this particular product was the message behind it. It reminded me of a time, maybe a century ago, when the arts were not lost; when moms quilted with daughters. When Papa hauled in the brand new hope chest, and Mama gazed at him with remembrance -- and hope for their now young daughter's future family. When kitchens hummed with canning, skirts whirling, tea kettles whistling, and cellars were stocked with overflowing produce, the bounty of the loving hands who worked so hard for their family. This product reminds me of what God intended for families -- families who love and work together. The name of the book, The Running Rooster appealed to me as well, and on the back of the book, you'll see him running! I have to say with all sincerity -- I love this product. I love what it represents; I love that it is bringing back to life, legacy, something you don't see much of anymore. I want more of this kind of thing gracing the community and fortunately, Rebekah has more books and kits on the way! Clearly she understands the backbone, the very spirit, of the homeschooling movement. I give this my highest recommendation.

- Product Review by: Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Another review ...

Rebekah Wilson at Hope Chest Legacy has created a treasure in her new series of books,Grandmother's Hope Chest! The first in a series of twelve is Running Rooster. If it is any indication of what the rest of the series is like we would love to collect them all! My daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, in beautiful hardcover, with perfectly lovely illustrations by Priscilla Ector (a very talented homeschooled student!)

Running Rooster is 49 pages, and geared for 3-10 year olds, but will be enjoyed by any age; guaranteed! This book is written with directions for a simple, pretty, useful project. If you want to share your love of sewing, (or have never learned to sew by hand), and want to share this with a little one who wants to learn this book is a very easy and gentle introduction.

This story is based on a seven year old little girl named Lucie. When her Grandmother comes to live with Lucie's family, she brings her hope chest. Lucie and Grandmother go through the hope chest together while talking and Grandmother sharing her memories. Grandmother explains to Lucie what the items are in the hope chest, and why they are so special to her. She teaches Lucie to sew by hand, and they decide to recreate a potholder Lucie's mother had made when she was a girl. Together, they are building such special memories and creating treasures that will be passed down to Lucie someday.

This is such a sweet story, and encourages precious time, spent together. The Running Roosterpotholder project, was simple enough for my (almost) 4 year old (with a little help) and my 7 year old absolutely loved it! We had a great time doing the project together and learning new stitches. The projects can be purchased directly from Hope Chest Legacy and all are packaged up with everything you need to complete the project! This made it so easy to use; everything right there and laid out for you! (You may have some of these items already at home, or you could also purchase the items yourself from your local craft/fabric store). This book and craft would be a great addition to any homeschool, a treasured gift, or perfect project for mothers and daughters (or grandmothers and granddaughters). This book teaches hand sewing skills, everything from how to thread the needle, to learning the running stitch and basting stitch; skills to last a lifetime, and to pass on to future generations.

We just loved the book as it was a truly wonderful story, and our potholders turned out beautifully. I know I will treasure them always because of the memories they hold. Hope Chest Legacy has created a very unique series in Grandmothers Hope Chest; VERY highly recommended!

Check out all the wonderful offerings from Hope Chest Legacy, at Watch for the second book in this series, due out in September 2004, Grandmothers Hope Chest: Lucie's Snowflakes.

-- Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Grandmother's Hope Chest: The Running Rooster (Book and project)
By: Rebekah Wilson

Hope Chest Legacy, INC.
P.O. Box 1398
Littlerock, CA 93543
(888) 554-7292

Big, thick sewing manuals can be intimidating to a little girl who is only just learning her first stitches. She needs something smaller, less scary, and more manageable. Rebekah Wilson's storybook series, Grandmother's Hope Chest, is the perfect place for any little girl to first learn hand sewing.

In The Running Rooster, Lucie is excited when her grandmother comes to live with her and her family. Grandmother brings her old hope chest with her. Lucie is intrigued by the numerous memories contained in the chest. The precious items that fill the chest inspire her to try her own first stitches. Guided by Grandmother, she ventures on her own journey into the world of hand sewing, taking the reader with her. The reader learns, along with Lucie, the basics of hand sewing from Grandmother.

This first book, in the series of twelve, guides the reader through the 'Running Rooster' project - a small potholder embroidered with an endearing red rooster. The reader will learn the even basting stitch, the uneven basting stitch, the running stitch and the overcast stitch, plus numerous invaluable sewing hints especially for young sewers. Little girls will relate quickly to Lucie. They will delight in her story and learn to sew with her and her grandmother.

-- Product Review by: Madelaine Wheeler, age 14, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine