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Professor Noggin's Countries of the World II Card Game Review by Lyria Moore

Outset Media Corporation
Victoria, BC, Canada V8Z 6N6

Professor Noggin's Countries of the World II Card Game is a wonderful addition to any homeschooler's geography lesson or educational game when class time is over. The game is for ages 7 and up and consists of 30 illustrated country and continent cards that have two levels of play on the back. The first level is easy and is for everyone. The second level is for those with a higher level of geographical knowledge.

Before the game starts, players decide collectively what level they're playing at. Then they place all cards in the center of the table with the picture of the country or continent face up. All players roll the die to determine who goes first (either the lowest or highest number goes first). Once the order of players is determined, the game begins. The first player picks up a card and faces it picture out toward all the other players. Then, the first player rolls the die to determine what question number to ask and turns to the player on his or her right and asks the question. If the question is answered correctly, the second player keeps the card in his "winnings" pile. If the question is answered incorrectly, the first player reads the correct answer to all players and places the card back on the bottom of the pile. The key to this game is to have all players listen for the correct answer so that they can, in turn, answer the question correctly if that card comes up in their turn.

This game is easy to play and easy to understand. It's something like flash cards, which my children love, so I know they'll pick up on it very easily. It's fun to guess and see how much you know about a certain country or continent from your studies. The children playing the game will be encouraged that they really do know a lot. This game fosters confidence in whatever level of play your children are at while offering a challenge to learn more with the hard questions. This is a wonderful game for the whole family to play!

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006