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Tabbies Review by Kris Price

Praise Stickers

What a useful product to receive and review! I received three different items to use: two different Bible indexing tabs and a set of Praise stickers. Upon opening the package, my 11-year-old daughter snatched the Noah's Ark Bible Index tabs out of my hand and promptly sat down with her Bible to put the tabs in it! These children's indexing tabs are adorable, with each book of the Bible tab decorated with an animal that begins with the same letter. For example, Genesis has a giraffe on it; Judges has a jackrabbit, etc. The tabs are also different colors, helping to show seven major sections of the Bible: rose, the Pentateuch; peach, History; yellow, Poetry and Wisdom; green, the Prophets; blue, the Gospels; violet, the Letters; and lavender, Bible Helps. The color divisions make it quicker to find a specific book. The catalog states that the tabs have "a transparent gripping edge," but that was not the case with the sample we received. The edge was white with the animal on it, and my daughter had to put the tabs at the TOP of the page because she didn't have enough border to place the tabs without covering the Scripture.

The other set of indexing tabs that I received is really nice, but I can't find them at the Tabbies website! These tabs are gold with black lettering and transparent gripping edges. The closest tab I would compare it to is the Standard indexing tabs currently available in their catalog. The self-adhesive tabs are easy to remove from the page and easy to apply, and I believe they will stand up to a lot of use, as they appear very durable. Extra tabs for Maps, Charts, Index, etc. are also included.

The final item is a small set of 54 praise stickers. The stickers have cute fruit designs with nine Christian values displayed on the stickers--these include self-control, peace, love, joy, faithfulness, patience, gentleness, kindness, and goodness. The label says, "Reward children with these stickers for their acts that praise God." It also suggests that the stickers be used to reward Bible verse memorization, saying prayers, retelling a Bible story, or showing the trait toward another person. All children love stickers, and these would be no exception!

Product review by Kris Price, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006