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Created to Work: Practical Insights for Young Men Review by Deborah Wuehler

By Bob Schultz
Great Expectations Book Company
PO Box 2067, Eugene, Oregon 97402
(541) 343-9926

In this day when lazy, entertainment-obsessed, pleasure-driven, apathetic boys are the norm, this book shines out as a beacon to those boys who want to glorify God in their lives and their work.

I love this book. It is a wonderful tool for showing our boys the profit in hard work and the attributes of God that they will show forth as they labor hard as unto the Lord. Created to Work covers such topics as diligence, vision, greed, maintenance, discouragement, keeping your word, and finishing the job. The author shares his struggles and his victories from his own work and home experiences.

The end of each chapter includes a topic Scripture and a few discussion questions. I have found these to be good for reading aloud and checking comprehension and retention.

I like this book so much so that I will either be reading it aloud to all the children or, at the very least, requiring all four of my boys to read it as part of their curriculum in their junior high or high school years.

Here are a few nuggets from this incredible book:

"[W]hen you understand that employment is a means God uses to put us with people, every job becomes an interesting event and every person a gift." (p. 36)

"Work isn't just a job you are required to do; it's aligning with God to make increase." (pp. 55-56)

"A good worker does not act with initiative only when being paid. For him it's a way of life." (p. 59)

"If you want to be a good worker, develop the ability to hear God's voice, and have a heart ready to obey what you hear." (p. 87)

This author shows great wisdom, insight, and humor as he gives practical advice to boys young and old. The book even ministered to me in many areas of my own work. I highly recommend it for every homeschool library.

Reviewed by Deborah Wuehler, Devotional Editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006