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Homeschoolopoly Game Review by Lisa Barthuly

Berthume Enterprises, LLC
5410 Highway 101
Woodruff, SC 29388

What do you get when you take a classic board game and give it a new twist geared right at homeschooling families? You get Homeschoolopoly, of course!

Veteran homeschoolers, Greg and Pamela Berthume, have created a brand new board game with an old familiar foundation. Homeschoolopoly also has some twists to it to make it its own game. The winner is decided on a one hour time frame, and who has the most "Treasure" is the winner. The "Treasure" is not only the properties and businesses owned, but the number of "stacks of books" and "keys to knowledge".

It is so neat to have our own game as homeschoolers! I absolutely love the disclaimer on the box, "2 to 6 Players-Ages *8 to Adult *Homeschoolers tend to be advanced, so ages may vary."

Homeschoolopoly is fun, educational (of course) and unique. In Homeschoolopoly, rather than buying up properties and managing them, you are buying up your favorite homeschool curriculum companies and stores such as HSLDA, Rosetta Stone, Write Shop, BJUP, Greek N' Stuff, and of course The Old Schoolhouse, Schoolhouse Store and HomeschoolBlogger!

Start out at "Home Sweet Homeschool" and work your way around the board, visiting squares such as "Field Trip", "Public School Tax", contribute to the "Family Vacation Fund", buy a "Family Bus" or "Many Van". If you land on "Grace" and "Mercy" cards you get to participate in a Homeschool Talent Show, Win the Spelling Bee, get a Park Day Card and more!

We love to play games in our family, and having a game made just for us is really neat, and makes it (we think) even more fun! The only reason you would not love this game would be if your family doesn't like to play board games or you don't homeschool! This would make a perfect gift for your homeschooling family friends, homeschool co-op leader, or your own family! We thought Homeschoolopoly was great, and look forward to playing it for years to come!

Product Review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC, November, 2006