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Tell Me More Foreign Language Premium Homeschool Edition Review by Colton Dumont

Auralog USA
3710 E. University Dr., Suite 1
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Tell Me More is a foreign language computer program. This program includes four CD Rom's covering multiple levels: Complete Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced as well as a headset and an audio CD. This program completely covers languages such as German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, and Italian. Each language is available for purchase separately.

To start using the program, you must first choose one of three learning modes: Guided Mode, Dynamic Mode, and Free-to-Roam Mode. In Guided Mode you will find all of the lessons in a strict order. In Dynamic mode the student sets the goals and the program works on the individuals needs of the student. In Free-to-Roam mode, the student can choose between grammar, pronunciation, culture, vocabulary lessons, or writing (typing) the language. These modes make this program a great tool for people with some knowledge of the language to be studied, as well as one who is just starting out.

Although the manufacturer suggested age for this product is 11 and up we feel that anyone in third grade could use this program quite successfully if motivated. Auditory and visual learners would especially enjoy it because the words and sentences are spoken by a native speaker; and through the use of an animated 3-D head making the mouth movements of the various sounds. This animated head is very helpful as it shows all the movement in the mouth, palate, and face to help the student make the sounds exactly. This program also has the ability to "listen" to the student with voice recognition technology and tell the student whether they are speaking correctly. This is a real help when no one is around that can speak and listen with the student; or for a family to whom the language is new.

This program was made especially for the homeschool environment. With the ability to track several students and the ability for parents to access the content of the program with or without the answers, whole families will benefit from this program.

This is a great product for all types of homeschoolers; unschoolers, classical schoolers, and unit study folks alike would appreciate this program. Tell Me More programs could even be used as a unit study on the country and language as it includes cultural lessons as well as geography.

In purchasing this product, people should take heed of recommended computer configuration.

We feel this product is the best foreign language program we have come across.

Product Review by Colton Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2006