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Couture Moms Review by Kate Kessler

2222 Francisco Dr. Suite 510-359
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

"It is time to celebrate Moms!" That is the message you will hear from Dana Lombardi, the Mom and the brain behind Couture Moms. What is Couture Moms? It is a fun fashion line that celebrates moms in all their many capacities. With four children of her own, Dana understands the joys, stresses, and the regular life that comes along with motherhood and wanted to celebrate it all. She shares, I wanted to find a way to bring laughter, creativity, and a little glamour to the daily rituals of motherhood.

Couture Moms has an expanding line of long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts, tank tops, the hooded sweatshirts also known as hoodies, hats as well as shirts for teens with messages like Dare to be Different, Modest is Hottest. For young girls they have a line with messages like Juicebox Couture, and Cutie P'tutie. These are a pretty far cry from some of the modern messages splayed upon many young girls these days!

I received a smart slimming T-shirt to review that celebrated my many beautiful children. All it says, in bright shimmering Swarovski Crystals, is MOM5. Mom to the power of five because I have five beautiful blessings! I just love it! This particular T-shirt is made to order for the number of children you have. Some of the other messages for moms include, "Baseball Mom," "Cheer Mom," "Football Mom," "Savvy Soccer Mom," Swim Mom, "Chic Chauffeur," Carpool Couture," Mom of all Trades, Proverbs 31, and one I really like of course, School@Home.Mom. Isn't that one fun?

All the T-shirts are contoured custom fit and tend to run small (so if you order choose a larger size than you normally would) and they fit snugly. They are 100% preshrunk, ringspun cotton that is very stretchy. Even though they can be dried in the dryer I find I like to stretch it out to let it dry or put it on and pull it out to loosen it a bit. Fresh from the dryer it looks brand new again and has the same springy response that a new shirt would. The cotton is high quality so it does not look stretched out, even when I have done so to fit my comfort level. The special crystals wash and dry beautifully and have stayed on with all sorts of wear and tear.

Couture Moms various lines come with varying prices. The website has regular specials and Mom's Hot Pick and the lines can range from $18.95 to $42. This is a special just-for-mom kind of purchase so you may want to put it on your wanted list.

Couture Moms is a delightful little treat for moms looking for something different, a great gift from a proud husband or children on Mother's Day, Christmas, or a birthday, encouragement for a disheartened friend, or just a fun reward for being Mom. Dana says it best, If you are a Mom - CELEBRATE!

-Product Review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2006