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The Revised and Expanded Answers Book Review by Melanie Bunnett

By Ken Ham, Jonathan Sarfati, and Carl Wieland
Answers in Genesis

This is a well-written and substantial book. I believe there is a place for it on the bookshelf of every Christian family. Not only did my middle-school-aged son enjoy it a great deal, but I also learned much. The topics covered are pertinent not only to our own understanding of Scriptures, but also to our ability to defend our faith to those who question it.

Basically, each chapter takes a different "difficult" question that has been asked of Christians throughout history and uses the examination of Scripture and other evidence to attempt to answer it in a way that won't leave room for doubt. Each topic is covered in a very thorough manner and is concluded with a myriad of endnotes providing supporting evidence. These notes provide additional means for the Christian reader to defend his or her faith, and they also demonstrate how the authors have come to their conclusions.

The topics covered include "Does God exist?", "Cain's wife--who was she?", and "Was Noah's flood global?" The final chapter (entitled "What can I do?") is a terrific gospel statement, making this book a valuable tool for evangelism. If you have unconverted friends or family members, this might be just the thing to open the doors of discussion and open their mind to the reality of a Savior.

While much of the language used is necessarily more advanced, I would think that older middle school students and up would enjoy this book a great deal. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about the Christian faith, and I will be including some of this material in my family's upcoming homeschool year.

Product review by Melanie Bunnett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2006