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Beyond the Gloesmur Review by the Publishers

By Kathleen E. Deisher
Lamp Post Publishing

Wow! Move over Chronicles of Narnia! Are your kids into princesses and horses? How about a flying horse?

Our son (age 11) was interested the moment he set eyes on this book. The cover (blue, with a flying white horse) alone drew him in.

This book is designed for older kids and adults. Therefore, it took 11-year-old Luke around 15 hours or so to complete it. It was well worth the time!

Because my son read the book, I will have him tell you his thoughts on it. Here is a review written from a viewpoint of a child - and since it's a children's book, this is apropos for this review.

"My name is Luke Suarez and I am 11-years-old. I was interested in this book because on the front cover it has a horse. A princess was in her room because she mistreated her parents. Then, she heard a knock at her window. Somebody was wanting her to come over there. The princess, Jondalyn, opened the window. What she saw was a flying horse named Aeroan. She left with the flying horse because he needed her to come to his land. As they were flying, they came to a wall of GLASS. The princess was very worried because she thought they were going to shatter the glass and be killed. Aeroan flew as hard as he could. Gloesmur is a wall of glass that divides two different dimensions (lands).

I don't want to give the story away, because there are lots of interesting parts in it, but I will tell you some things: The other land had people - lots of people (characters), but it had very strange things like flying horses and Ghurens (bad creatures with claws, assigned to steal the princess). Some flying horses were bad and others were good. Aeroan had taken Jondalyn to his land because if he had not, a very bad man named Shed would have sent his servant, Sildark, to capture her. He wanted to rule both sides of the Gloesmur. He wanted Jondalyn dead since she was the heir to the throne on the other half of the world.

I won't tell you anymore. There is so much more to this than what I've shared. It's a really good book and the lesson learned is that even if you are in trouble, God is always with you. Jondalyn wronged her family and others. By going through this adventure, she learned that it's important to be kind to others and not just care about yourself. If you don't care about anyone, you could get yourself into trouble. She learned this lesson on the other side of the Gloesmur and found that if it's easy for others to be kind to her, it should be easy for HER to be kind to others.

I could tell you about "the eyes" - some had red eyes, some had normal eyes, and some, like the hero, Talimar, had very light eyes. You'll have to read the book to find out about this!

In closing, Beyond the Gloesmur is a very neat book. It's very interesting and has exciting things like fantasy, wars, heroes, villains, a princess, a flying horse, creeping vines, castles, beauty, and so much more. I recommend this book for 11 and 12-year-olds and older."
-- Luke

Lamp Post Publishing is a great company. Their motto is: "Where wisdom is at home."™ We look forward to seeing much more of what this company produces, particularly the next book in the Gloesmur series. Well done, Lamp Post!

-- Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine