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A Bear Called Paddington Review by Wayne S. Walker

By: Michael Bond
Houghton Mifflin Company
215 Park Avenue South
New York City, NY 10003

Through the years, we have checked out various single-story Paddington Bear books from the library to read to our boys. Recently, while looking for some books to give as a present to our younger son Jeremy for his eighth birthday, I saw these two in a bookstore and purchased them. At first, I thought that perhaps the single stories had been collected together, but now I believe that Bond originally wrote these collections, along with some ten others (Paddington Helps Out, Paddington Abroad, Paddington Marches On, Paddington at Work, Paddington Goes to Town, Paddington Takes to TV, Paddington Takes the Test, Paddington on Stage, and Paddington's Storybook), and the single story books were adapted from them. I do not know how available the books are. I knew I had seen one in a bookstore somewhere. When I went to Borders, they did not have any, could not find them in any other of their area stores, and said they normally did not carry them in stock. I did find single copies of the two books under review at Barnes and Noble. They are delightful stories, obviously written to appeal to young children but enjoyable for anyone. Jeremy said that they were great. Language level: nothing objectionable. Ages: suitable for all; independent reading level probably beginning around eight. My rating: excellent.

--Product Review by: Wayne S. Walker, Missouri State Coordinator, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine