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Boz the Bear DVD Series Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family

Reel FX/Exclaim Entertainment
PO Box 130687
Dallas, Texas 75313

Meet Boz, the adorable green bear that your children (and you) will love. In this DVD series from Exclaim Entertainment you will enjoy 45 minutes in three episodes with Boz, Drew, and Gracie in each DVD production.

Join Boz and his friends as they help us discover that God is pleased when we share His blessings and are helpful to others! There are three featured episodes on the "Friends & Helpers" DVD. "RescueMan to the Rescue!" shows us how to share what God has given to us, to help others in need. "Doing Our Fair Share" helps us learn that we can always do good deeds to help others and how fun and good feeling that can be. "A Lesson for the Teacher" teaches us how good friends enjoy helping one another and learning how to do new things together.

Boz, Drew, and Gracie provide more fun in "Bananas, Bubbles & Busy Bodies" as we learn about exploring God's world and enjoying being active, healthy and fit! We learn about eating healthy, keeping clean and living the way God wants us to. In this DVD there are three twelve-minute episodes. Starting with "A Busy Body Day" where God shows Boz, Gracie, and Drew how they grow stronger through play and we get introduced to "Boz's Busy Body Box". There are lots of fun, laughs, and songs. In "Double Peppy Pizza" (very cute song in this one) we learn about eating healthy, making healthy food choices and how when we are hungry the natural foods God created for us (fruits and vegetables) are the best choices. "Scrubbly, Bubbly Clean!" teaches how washing away dirt and germs keeps us clean and helps our bodies stay healthy and how God wants us to have clean hearts too!

In the DVD "Colors & Shapes," Boz helps Drew and Gracie learn about all the colors of God's world, shapes, and "counting" on God. The first episode is "Growing Colors" when Boz, Drew, and Gracie spend time outside exploring God's creation. They discover all sorts of beautiful colors! In "Shaping Things Up" it shapes up to be a great day anytime you use your imagination and search for shapes together with friends. The last episode on this DVD is "Counting on God's Love" which involves counting, more importantly, learning to count ON, God's never ending love for us. There are great lessons to be learned here for all children, all families!

Boz also leads the children in singing, with 11 songs in each DVD. The DVDs also contain special features such as "Boz Radio", a read along book, "God gives you friends" ("God loves your Nose" on the Colors & Shapes DVD), games, a family activity, and a video scrapbook. (I have a "screener copy" for "Bananas, Bubbles & Busy Bodies" so there are no special features on my copy of that one.) This DVD series is geared for the younger set, 2-8 years. My children enjoyed Boz, Drew, Gracie, and their family. They sang along, laughed and came away with a message that I appreciate! We don't allow much by way of anything that comes from the screen unless it is teaching something of quality and/or is wholesome entertainment. This DVD set is! It is sweet, wholesome, and fun!

I would buy these for my children and will be buying them for gifts for my nieces and nephews. They reinforce and teach what God wants for our children, and we as parents too!

-Product Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2006