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Tommy Wilson, Junior Veterinarian: The Case of the Wounded Jack Rabbit Review by Hannah Kessler

By Maggie Caldwell Smith
Magpie Press
Magpie Press
PO Box 6434
Pine Mountain Club, CA, 93222-6434
(661) 242-1265

Calling all animal-lovers! This book is for you!

Sure enough, when it comes to animals, this is one for the permanent collection! Tommy Wilson, the hero of, Tommy Wilson, Junior Veterinarian: The Case of the Wounded Jack Rabbit, by Maggie Caldwell Smith, has true zeal for his veterinary work and a heart for the animals who are being mercilessly shot in the Arizona desert. Tommy is set on finding and exposing the shooter. As Tommy searches for, collects, and reviews the evidence he finds, he makes a completely unexpected discovery. The discovery will lead to an extremely serious situation if exposed to the sheriff!

The book has very appealing pencil-drawn, crosshatched illustrations. The dialogue is convincing; not full of melodrama, dull humor, or needless phrases. Interestingly, Mrs. Smith makes no reference at all to either homeschooling or public schooling, therefore making the book rather versatile in its uses. It was very enjoyable, and (being an animal lover myself) I could really sense Tommy's heartfelt grief at the cruelty being bestowed upon the animals.

I do recommend it especially for the avid reader, or those who dream of becoming a veterinarian. Mrs. Smith's writing is realistic as well as knowledgeable and you will love her book!

-Product Review by Hannah Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2006