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Timez Attack Review by Julie Nott

Big Brainz
(877) 356-7040
2476 N University Pkwy STE B1
Provo, UT 84604

When I saw Timez Attack up for review, I was very excited. I had run across this multiplication game online when I heard about a free version being offered on the Big Brainz website ( I had downloaded it to help my two boys learn their times tables. Now we had the FULL version to play around with!

Timez Attack is an interactive educational computer game designed to help kids learn and master their multiplication tables. Don't most kids struggle to learn those upper multiplication facts? You can purchase the complete version with a lot of interaction and cooler machines and monsters for only $39.99.With free first-class shipping and a 100% money-back-guarantee, it's a deal you can't refuse!

Here's the game scenario: You've been kidnapped and locked in a deep underground dungeon called Ignoruntz. You have to escape before it's too late. Winding your way through locked doors, you get keys from different creatures (i.e. snails, sentries, guards, monsters, and machines) and find the doors they open. Even with the key, you still have to figure out the mathematical solution by collecting creatures and throwing them at the door. Never fear though - no blood or violence is involved with this game. The most gory thing (if you want to call it that) is the goo that the ogre throws at you if you get the answer wrong. The ogre really isn't all that scary looking - he doesn't even try to attack you. He just stands there and asks you math questions!

My boys never complained about having to do math when I had them play Big Brainz. I saw an immediate improvement in their comprehension and retention of their multiplication tables. The only problem we had with the game was it freezing up occasionally and having to restart it. I'm not sure if this had something to do with our computer (it's two years old) or the specific disc that we had. Even so, my kids loved the little green character, the interaction and as my son said "The graphics are cool!"

I would highly recommend Timez Attack as an educational alternative to multiplication flash cards-especially for boys!

-Product Review by Julie Nott, Marketing Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2006