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Revelation Products Review by Stephanie D. Scarborough

2200 Forte Court
Saint Louis, MO 63043

The products from Revelation Products are designed "to inspire, educate, and evangelize the world to Jesus Christ." The samples I reviewed are true to the company mission.

The "Verla Cruz" car emblem is similar to the fish symbol many people have on their cars. What makes this different is the combining of the "fish" and cross. For me, placing this emblem on my vehicle is an opportunity to have people wonder what it means and search for answers. Also, it brings accountability to my driving habits. Jesus wouldn't be running red lights or cutting people off. I should remember that I'm saying to other drivers that I'm His; thus, I must act like it.

The stand firm car magnet allows me to express my patriotism and Christianity at the same time. It has the words "Stand Firm" in red, white, and blue and the Bible reference of I Corinthians 16:13, which says, "Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong." Another positive note about this product is that you can move it from one vehicle to another. We don't put stickers on our vehicles, so this allows me to express myself without damaging the paint.

The next product is a huge "hit" (pun intended) in Florida. The golf balls have a Bible verse that can minister again and again. I think this will be the perfect gift for people on your list who have everything. The impact will be limitless as the lost balls are collected from the woods and water traps and used again by most golf courses.

Lastly, the playing cards are called "Suits of Armor." The deck of cards can be used as a traditional deck of cards while giving a moment to memorize God's Word. The cards could be quite a conversation starter if used while playing with unbelievers. Two things will be accomplished: the Word is shared, and they see that Christians have fun too. Another plus is that various translations of the Bible are available.

The prices and products offered by Revelation Products are awesome. They are entertaining while increasing your ability to minister and witness.

Product review by Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2006