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Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling: Facts and Stats on the Benefits of Home School. 2002 - 2003 A Quick Reference Review by Heather W. Allen

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
Broadman & Holman Publishers
Nashville, TN

The Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling is an incredible book and one that every homeschoolers should peruse. There is a tremendous amount of information and data presented, along with good examples and personal profiles of real homeschool families. Also, if, over the years, you have purchased the results of various studies of homeschoolers around the country, this book probably includes the results of those studies. With this one book you have all of the latest research in one location.

This book covers everything from the history of homeschooling, the latest trends, benefits to children, youth, and families, how this movement affects society, various approaches one can adopt when homeschooling, and a myriad of other topics. If you want to read the book cover-to-cover, or merely flip around and find items of interest, you’ll not be disappointed.

As I looked at this book, and considered the wealth of information within, I thought that for the purchase price of $9.99 this might be a book to have several extra copies to give away. There always seems to be a neighbor, relative, friend, or acquaintance that just doesn’t understand homeschooling, or has concerns about homeschooling. Give them this book and I believe many of their questions and concerns will be satisfactorily addressed.

--Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine