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Lost Bible Treasures Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family

Faith Kidz
Cook Communications Ministries

Lost Bible Treasures Digging Adventure was a review my children were very excited about trying out. This comes with a block of "stone" (heavy-duty coarse sand made into a brick sized chunk), a digging tool (a heavy plastic serrated tool), and some instructions. We made a bit bigger deal of it ... and hid it on the property and gave our children instructions to find it. They did--in no time--and we began slowly chipping away at the brick. It didn't take long and the supplied plastic serrated tool soon had no more serrated edge; it got ground off in the process of scraping away at this tough brick. This made the rest of the "excavation" a bit tougher. By the time my children got down into the brick far enough to see one of the treasures, we realized it was in pieces. We couldn't make out the letters on it to depict the "code" on it. It was disappointing.

We worked through the rest of the brick to find the other "treasure," the cylinder seal, and we did find that in one piece! My children quickly wanted to see what was on it (it was very hard to tell just looking at it). So we got out some clay and rolled it over it. While you could (barely) make out some of the pictures, we were still disappointed.

While the children loved the digging of the treasure and searching to see what they were unearthing, and although the discussion points on the piece of paper in the box were good, I wouldn't have paid $15.99 for it, that's for sure.

Product review by Lisa Barthuly & family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2006