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Masterpak Review by Christine Field

14566 NW 110th St.
Whitewater, KS 67154

Over the years, many homeschoolers have come to know and love the Learning Vitamins offered by CalcuLadder. (The company celebrates 20 years of service this year!)

Their earlier paperbound books, offering supplemental drills and practice, are now available in CD format. The Masterpak CD-ROMs are a computer-based, easy-to-use version of Learning Vitamins CalcuLadder that contain all the content and drills of the CalcuLadder books. Masterpak is extremely helpful in drilling basic addition, subtraction, stylus skills, penmanship, multiplication, and division. Not only does it review and refresh students' memories of these skills, but it also helps increase speed and efficiency in these areas. Masterpak is used worldwide and is now easy to print out so you can continue drills even away from the computer! Use daily or weekly to promote excellence in the skills needed for educational growth. The drills take two to five minutes to complete and help students get their skills solidly in order.

    Individual CDs are as follows:
  1. Basic addition and subtraction
  2. Advanced addition, subtraction; basic multiplication
  3. Intermediate and advanced multiplication; basic division
  4. Intermediate and advanced division; basic fractions, decimals
  5. Intermediate and advanced fractions
  6. Fractions review, English and metric units, geometry concepts, and more

Masterpak 1 contains 1, 2, and 3 above, plus ReadyWriter, a handwriting program. Masterpak 2 contains 4, 5, and 6 above, plus AlphaBetter, an alphabetizing program.

Print as few or as many copies as you need. It is cost-efficient and effective.

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2006