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The Shining Sword Review by Lyria Moore

By Charles G. Coleman
Zeezok Publishing
PO Box 1960
Elyria, Ohio 44036-1960

The Shining Sword is a 156-page paperback book written for children and adults alike. While the book's intended audience might be children, adults will find themselves drawn into the plot and intrigued. The life of a Christian (as seen in the New Testament) is told through the lives of the main characters.

As the story begins, we find our main character lazily enjoying a sunny afternoon. He receives a visit from an old friend and realizes his friend's life is starkly different from his own. At first, the main character is not impressed with the life of work his comrade lives in the castle in the mountains, but eventually he is drawn to the castle and decides to stay. It is only then that he discovers the great adventures and wonderful life of the soldiers of the king. The main themes are the importance of soldiers keeping their armor on and the increasing knowledge and awareness of the wonderful things their swords can do.

This story is a good supplement to any homeschooling curriculum. Many conversations about who Jesus is and how the kingdom of God works can be started. The pictures that accompany each chapter help to reinforce the concepts that the child will learn while reading. The pictures have been added to more recent editions and are probably not available in earlier copies.

This book is just what I was looking for in a read-aloud to my preschool children. The chapters are just long enough for a good bedtime story. They also invoke enough interest for the children to be clamoring for the next chapter. The book tells of adventure and suspense, but also gives messages of encouragement.

It's easy to develop a love for this story. Much truth in these pages serves to remind the believer of what is available to us in our fight against the enemy. I was hooked after the first two chapters. This book is a treasure to anyone who reads it.

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2006