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What Your Child Needs to Know When Review by Christine Field

By Robin Sampson

The 2001 revised edition of this home schooling classic is a gem. Have you wondered whether your teaching was on target? Mrs. Sampson helps us sort out whether we are meeting the mark according to the state and according to the Bible. This great volume has exhaustive checklists for grades K - 8 in language arts, mathematics, science, social science and state history for seventh and eighth graders. Whether you build your own curriculum or simply want to measure whether your approach is comparable to other approaches, this tremendous resource should be on every home schooler’s reference shelf.

In addition to check lists for academic evaluation, this book provides guidance in evaluating your child’s progress from a Biblical worldview. The author dedicates a chapter to providing a framework for systematic Bible study and a chapter to character evaluation, including character definitions and Biblical references. She also teaches us the Heart of Wisdom (H.O.W.) approach, drawing from Charlotte Mason, Ruth Beechick and Marilyn Howshall, which gives our curriculum a two-sided base: God’s Word (Bible studies) and God’s world (academic studies). She discusses the difference between Greek and Biblical education, how the Greeks influenced public education, how the Hebrews educate their children, how to prepare goals for the year, how to overcome testing fears and some words of advice on the accuracy of achievement test scores.

This homeschool bestseller is an education in home schooling the elementary grades in a single volume!

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine