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Fear and Trembling CD Series Review by Heather Jackowitz

Ligonier Ministries
R.C. Sproul
PO Box 547500
Orlando, Florida 32854

This audio series by R.C. Sproul includes six 30-minute messages geared toward young adults. The titles are as follows: Encountering God; Holy, Holy, Holy; Inner Sanctum; What Manner of Man Is This; Cosmic Treason; and Fear and Trembling. These six messages paint an awesome portrait of God's holiness and clearly present the gospel of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Sproul addresses this series of messages to college students, but three of my young children, aged 8 to 13, listened to the messages with interest. One caveat: in the messages entitled What Manner of Man is This? and Cosmic Treason, Dr. Sproul discusses some crimes and sexual sins. His comments are contextually appropriate, but you might want to listen to the messages first to see if you want to include your younger children.

I consider Dr. Sproul one of the most gifted Bible teachers of our day. He speaks clearly and with such passion that listeners are drawn into the message. He also uses humor appropriately and intelligently. He is particularly good at simplifying difficult material without dumbing it down. For example, when he uses words like transcendent and imminent, he defines them as well, and he does it so seamlessly that you hardly even notice it.

Following each message, several students comment or answer a specific question. These were sometimes interesting, sometimes not. My children giggled at the way these college students spoke. My 11-year-old son even counted how many times certain people said like and ya know. I would have preferred these musings left out of this fine teaching series. Thankfully, the compact disk format allows for easy skipping.

This is a message we all, young and old, desperately need to hear today. I came away from these messages with a deeper reverence for God and a deeper appreciation for His great mercy in saving His people through Jesus Christ. As Dr. Sproul explains, until we know who God is, we cannot know who we are. And God is holy, holy, holy.

--Product review by Heather Jackowitz, The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC