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Jacobean and Early Bourbon Fashions by Tom Tierney Review by Anissa DeGrasse

Dover Coloring Books

Dover has done it again with these two additions to their coloring books! My children LOVE Dover coloring books and these were a big hit! I love them because the illustrations are highly detailed and the captions help to explain what the picture is depicting.

The Jacobean and Early Bourbon Fashions coloring book is full of fashions from seventeenth-century England and France. It contains clothing from royal fashions and fashions of the wealthy. The black line illustrations are very detailed and include a short explanation of each outfit. This book includes illustrations of famous kings and queens from England and France. For example, England's Queen Ann is dressed in her hunting attire and the illustration includes her hunting dogs as well. The caption explains her attire in great detail including her beaver hat with ostrich plumes and the plunging neckline of her dress. France's King Louis XIII of France and Charles de Luynes are enjoying a pinch of snuff. The caption explains their wearing the clothing and what influenced their attire.

Women of the Ukiyo-e book is full of Japanese Edo period art. These ready-to-color illustrations are from authentic woodblock prints. Each lady is wearing a beautifully detailed kimono and is shown in various settings of everyday life. Some are shown playing a musical instrument, serving tea, reading letters and others dancing. As in other Dover coloring books, this one has a caption along with the illustration. Each illustration includes the name of the artist, the artist's date of birth and death and the name of the original print. The caption also explains what each woman is doing in the picture. For example, the "Catching Fireflies" caption explains that this is one of three prints depicting women playing with fireflies on a warm summer night. The illustrations show how beautiful the kimono's are, how the Japanese women wore their hair, how they carried themselves.

Dover makes their coloring books affordable and well worth the price! Be sure to go to the Dover website to see all of the books published by Dover and for current prices. Also, at the website you can sign up for their weekly Dover Sampler email. The Dover Sampler will arrive in your email inbox each week and will include samples of several of their books.

--Product Review by: Anissa DeGrasse, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine