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First Year Henle Latin Guide For Units I & II Review by Judy Wales

Cheryl Lowe
Memoria Press
4105 Bishop Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

The First Year Henle Latin Guide is a great resource for anyone using Henle Latin in their homeschool. This study guide breaks down the lessons for Henle I and II into a six year schedule. This is very helpful if you are a homeschool mom who does not have any experience with Latin. The schedule is recommended for students grades eight and up.

The guide is divided into four sections. The first section is the Introduction which includes the schedule I mentioned above along with how to use Henle Latin, the Mastery of Learning Latin, How to make and use vocabulary and grammar cards, as well as a Pronunciation Page, and a Declension Chart. My daughters enjoyed the vocabulary cards that they made learning the vocabulary into a game.

The next section is where the weekly lessons are found. There are thirty weeks of lessons. The weekly lessons are broken down into five days. For each day it tells you what you need to do. This section is very helpful because it cuts down your preparation time. All I had to do was make sure that we had the supplies available for the week. The supplies that we needed to go with this study guide were Henle First Year Latin Book, Henle Grammar Book, pen, paper, and index cards (to make the vocabulary cards). The last section is the Henle Latin Key. This is where the answers to the exercises are found.

The study guide has been very helpful for my family. Before we got the study guide my children were struggling with their Latin. Most days they look forward to doing their Latin, but some days the lessons are long. With the long lessons it is hard for the children to stay focused. I decided to break those lessons into two lessons so we do Latin six days a week instead of five. I would recommend this to any family using Henle Latin I & II.

-- Product Review by Judy Wales, Homeschool Nations Coordinator for Wyoming, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2006