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Nature Never Stops Talking - The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature Review by Dena Wood

By Samuel J. Alibrando
Tsaba House
2252 12th Street
Reedley, California 93654

Nature Never Stops Talking is a compilation of nearly ten years' worth of articles depicting the wonder of nature, written by Samuel Alibrando and printed in The Mountain Press, a local newspaper near Fresno, California. In well over 100 individual essay-type articles Alibrando expounds on the miraculous complexity of nature and shares his arguments for intelligent design.

While Alibrando admits that he is not a "scientist" by degree he is fueled by a passion and love for learning about science and nature as well as a hunger for the truth. "There are really not many college students who are as hungry for the truth as they are for the good grades: ...Learning has very little to do with motives in going to college." Says Alibrando.

His passion is evident as he shares the truth of his discoveries in a way that can be easily understood by the non-scientist. "In a world where chaos, inefficiency, disappointment, worry, despair and grief thrive, I have the pleasure of examining then publishing the order, surprising efficiency, marvel, beauty and perfection of things in nature."

Articles are organized in the book by general topic; Earth and Space, Scientific Properties, The Small Stuff (cells, electrons, etc), Beginnings, Plants and Trees, Insects, Specific Creatures, DNA, The Human Body, and Yeah, What About That? In addition, there is an appendix listing Alibrando's proposed rules for science and a Laws Summary.

Since the book is created from individual newspaper articles it can be a bit disconcerting when trying to read through it as a more typical book. Though organized into categories, the essays do not flow from one to another. As Alibrando states in his introduction; "You do not need to commit to read the entire book or even read it in sequence. It may actually be more enjoyable to read in small parts." You'll want to keep this in mind as you peruse the various sections. As well as an abrupt change in subject you will also encounter changes in style, depth and tone from article to article.

The majority of the book consists of Alibrando sharing and celebrating fascinating discoveries of nature. For example, after sharing one amazing factoid after another regarding the makeup of the ear he summarizes with the following:

"We can?t even tune up your balance with a crystal overhaul, let alone give you a new set of crystals, hairs and fresh jelly. So whadya think? Look at what we have here. We tie in the property of gravity with a network of nerves to send information to the brain. And then we program the brain so it knows what to do with those signals. Some signals are for balancing. Other signals are for automatic instincts saving us from a fall. Still other signals are for detecting sounds like music or a sarcastic tone of voice.

Folks, there's nobody nowhere that can make anything like what you have already right inside of your ears. Now can you really listen to anyone tell you that your ears were made by accident?"

If you love nature and are a student of its intricacies you will no doubt consider this book a good read. For others of you, it will make an excellent resource as you examine nature with your children. You can quickly find the subject you are covering and come away with some tantalizing tidbits sure to promote thoughtful conversation.

-- Product Review by Dena Wood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2006