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Big Dream Ministries

Are you looking for a great Bible study to use with friends or on your own or with your teenage children? Look no further! I've done them all but this one is just a little different. The Amazing Collection developed by Big Dream Ministries is a book by book study, all the way through the Bible in three years. It's broken into "mini studies" usually five to seven books at a time so it's perfect for small groups. This also makes the study affordable. It's easy enough for a beginner to use and challenging enough for the seasoned Bible student.

Written by women for women, it's a natural to use in small groups or with family. You don?t have to be the teacher but in a small group setting you will need someone to be the facilitator. The video/DVD will do all the hard work. The video/DVD accompaniment is the GLUE for the whole study. While watching it you will experience the historical context of each book through a gifted Bible teacher allowing you insight that is often lost in independent book studies.

While watching the DVD you will have an outline to fill in so it's easy to keep up. There are personal testimonies and beautiful music included each week. The DVD also does a good job of building on the previous book and refers to the book you are studying in context with the whole Bible. After viewing the DVD, the discussion will basically start itself but there are suggested discussion questions for each section. Basically, you study a book a week and this is what makes this a very unique program.

I use this with a small group of women in my neighborhood. The women participating look forward to coming each week. Some are seasoned in Bible study and we have a couple ladies who have never studied it before. Since each of books stands on its own I've been able to add new members each week. There is review built into the series on the DVDs and in the book and discussion time so participants don't have to feel intimidated if they have to miss a week.

Another unique thing about this study is that the author recognized that we women are BUSY. In each week's study workbook you are offered a choice of how deep you want to go. You can do the short read assignment which will allow you to complete all the assigned work and participate in the discussion or a long read assignment which is reading the whole book. So you never have to say there's no time again. This is a flexible study. I am enjoying it and I'm learning a lot. My neighbors are all developing deep and meaningful relationships through this study. Go visit Big Dream Ministries online and start your own study of God's amazing Word!

-- Product Review by Mari Almon, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2006